One Direction – Story Of My Life


The highly anticipated latest single from the world’s number one boy band has been unleashed upon the interwebs. ‘Story Of My Life’, the first release from upcoming third studio album Midnight Memories was heard around the world on radio exclusives just a few minutes ago. Various radio stations in the UK were getting live one on one interviews from each member of One Direction despite them being in Australia where it is currently the wee hours of the morning made for an even more anticipating launch.

Despite any preconceptions about the band, their music, their image or their fans; ‘Story Of My Life’ is a single that proves itself worthy of any top 10 music chart. With real instruments and raw vocals from each of the boys, this release allows outsiders to catch them at their most vulnerable, opening up a new era of music and lets them flourish without any cheesy pop noise happening in the background (even if that pop noise is still one of the most magical sounds on earth). ‘Story Of My Life’ is finally an opportunity for haters and skeptics of One Direction to finally be able to open up their ears and their minds to the talent, which is ultimately the driving force behind the band.

Everyone should give this one a go. The soft acoustics that build into a solid pop melody remain grounded, and show off a different side of the band altogether. If this is just the beginning of the new era, One Direction’s futures are looking bigger and brighter than ever (if that’s even possible).



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